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AZIMUT Hotels in Munich

51.30 night
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  • Messe展览中心旁的商务宾馆
  • 到慕尼黑市中心20分钟
  • SMART Living Lobby
  • 5间现代化的会议大厅
  • 停车场和汽车车库
  • 免费无线网络Wi-Fi

All AZIMUT Hotels Offers in Munich

Shopping at Ingolstadt Village
transfer free
from 01/04 to 31/12/17
Make a successful shopping trip with AZIMUT Hotel Munich: free transfer to Ingolstadt Village, discount card and comfortable rest at the hotel
Book in advance with 15% discount!
15% off
from 13/10 to 31/12/17
Book AZIMUT Hotel Munich 21 day in advance or earlier with a 15% discount!
Romantic Days in Munich
up to 31/03/18
2 nights
from 21/07 to 31/03/18
Experience romantic days at the AZIMUT Hotel Munich

AZIMUT Hotels in Munich


    Capital of Bavaria

    Munich is one of the most colorful cities in Germany. Its Baroque buildings stand next to those designed in accordance with Jugendstil (Art Nouveau). Traditions are right next high technology, and the rhythm of this metropolis is complemented with the traditional Bavarian atmosphere of coziness and hospitality. It is not surprising that many tourists from all around the world come here every year and thus it is not always easy to find a comfortable hotel in Munich featuring a convenient location and favorable rates.

    If you are looking a hotel for the Oktoberfest, the famous beer festival, or a hotel during an exhibition in Munich, then you must reserve your rooms way before your arrival date.

    Business hotel in downtown Munich

    AZIMUT Hotel Munich is a business hotel with affordable rates. Besides, we regularly offer promotional deals and special rates for accommodations at our hotel.

    The hotel introduced SMART-concept which guarantees the high quality of service. Comfortable beds guarantee undisturbed sleep for you, and when you wake up you can enjoy a hearty breakfast at our hotel. Business travelers can book rooms with a fully outfitted work station, free Wi-Fi, parking at our garage, conference halls and services for organizing events. Our hotel is located next to Messe München, the city’s exhibition center.

    AZIMUT Hotels in Germany offer all necessary services for business travelers who would like to continue accomplishing their work during their business trips to such cities as Berlin, Cologne and Dresden.

    Vacation in Munich

    AZIMUT Hotel Munich is convenient for those who is looking for a hotel in Munich during their tourist trip. It is only within a 20-minute ride from downtown.

    You will see the famous Marienplatz Square and the Frauenkirche Cathedral, the Viktualienmarkt, Munich’s daily food market, and many museums, including the Old and the New Pinakothek. Those who like technology will visit the Bavarian National Museum and the BMW Museum. Beer buffs will like many beer parlors, including the famous Hofbräuhaus, as well as tours to Munich’s breweries. For families with children and for those who like relaxed atmosphere we recommend going to Erding in order to visit Therme Erding, the largest aquatic park and a thermal complex in a suburb of Munich. You can stay overnight at the cozy AZIMUT Hotel Erding.

    You can also go visit the fairy-tale Neuschwanstein Castle and the beautiful Linderhof Palace in the area around Munich. Taking a trip to the neighboring city of Nuremberg is also an interesting option.

    Booking a Munich hotel online

    When booking your room online on our site you get the guarantee of the best available rate. Making your booking at a hotel in Munich you will immediately get a booking confirmation which will be needed when requesting your visa to visit Germany.

    Follow AZIMUT Special Offers for hotels in Germany.