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69,50 2 nights
取决于 27/11/18
Birthday in Dresden

AZIMUT Hotel Dresden will give you a present on your Birthday! Celebrate it in a special way!

住宿 26/11/16 - 29/11/18

AZIMUT Hotel Dresden will give you a present on your Birthday! Celebrate it in a special way!

AZIMUT Hotels in Dresden

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  • 到德雷斯登市中心10分钟车程
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  • 带有健身房和桑拿的AZIMUT Sport
  • 3间会议厅和谈判室
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Birthday in Dresden
取决于 27/11/18
69,50 2 nights
从 26/11 to 29/11/18
AZIMUT Hotel Dresden will give you a present on your Birthday! Celebrate it in a special way!

AZIMUT Hotels in Dresden


    About the city

    Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister (Old Masters Gallery)

    Old Masters Gallery is one of the largest painting collection in the world. Its greatest attraction is the Sistine Madonna by Raphael, even though there are many other amazing masterpieces that one must by all means see at least once during his lifetime. Paintings by Rembrandt, Peter Paul Rubens, Albrecht Dürer, Velásquez, Nicolas Poussin and other famous painters are on display here.

    Grünes Gewölbe Museum

    Grünes Gewölbe (Green Vault) is a museum with the largest collection of treasures in Europe. Many treasures in the museum belonged to kings and prince-electors of Saxony. Appropriated during military campaigns they were kept in this treasury for many years.

    Semperoper, or State Opera House in Dresden

    Semperoper, or State Opera House in Dresden, is a most beautiful theater and an unforgettable architectural Baroque masterpiece, never to be mixed up with anything else. This opera house shows both classical repertoire and many modern productions in which a separate youth repertory company.

    Dresden Castle

    Dresden Castle is one of the most beautiful buildings in Dresden which before 1918.was indeed a residence of Saxon princes. You will get a chance there to get up the Hausmann Tower and make sure that Dresden is a very beautiful city plus visit topical exhibitions.

    Bundeswehr Museum

    The Bundeswehr Museum is a museum of military history in which specimen of military hardware are exhibited: cannons, military planes and even the first submarine.


    The Zwinger is a complex of palaces and parks in Dresden showcasing the amazing beauty of the Baroque style with its plethora of decorative elements that became the symbol of Dresden itself. It is here that the five world-famous museums are located: Old Masters Gallery, Royal Cabinet of Mathematical and Physical Instruments, Museum of Sculpture, Porcelain Collection, and Museum of Mineralogy and Geology.

    Blue Wonder

    Blaues Wunder (Blue Wonder) is a suspension bridge across the Elbe river that was built at the close of the 19th century. It was absolutely unique for that period, and even today it will still delight the eye of the onlooker.

    Pfunds Milk Shop

    Pfunds Molkerei, or Pfunds Milk Shop, is a great old dairy, perhaps the most beautiful in the world. It was opened in the 19th century. Today it is a very popular confectionary and a café where very tasty appetizers and sweets are offered.

    Pragerstrasse (Prague street)

    Pragerstrasse, most popular with shopping fans, is a street connecting the Old Market Square and the Central Railway Station. One of Dresden’s largest shopping centers, the Centrum Galerie, is also located here.

    Altmarkt (Old Market)

    Altmarkt is one of the oldest squares in the city. Today it is a center of street festivals, tournaments, and parades. The oldest Christmas fair in Germany (called Striezelmarkt) is organized here in winter.

    A city in the picturesque valley of the Elbe, Dresden is famous of its Baroque architecture, paintings at the Dresden Gallery and Germany’s oldest Christmas market — Striezelmarkt. Dresden is also the birthplace of Stollen, the traditional Christmas cake. Dresden’s hotels feature various types and rate categories.

    Advantages of staying in downtown Dresden

    AZIMUT Hotel Dresden 4* is located in Reick area of the city, quite close to downtown. One can reach the heart of the city in 10 minutes by using public transportation—a direct S-Bahn line.

    The most famous sights are located in downtown. At the Dresden Old Masters Gallery you will see Raphael’s “Sistine Madonna” as well as paintings by Rembrandt, Pieter Rubens, Albrecht Dürer, Diego Velázquez, Nicolas Poussin. Grünes Gewölbe (Green Vault) Museum holds the most amazing jewel collection by Saxon kings and prince-electors. Visit the famous Semper Oper in a Baroque building, the Zwinger Palace, Brühl’s Terrace, the embankment of the Elbe which is called “Europe’s largest balcony”, and the carefully restored Frauenkirche church. There is also Pfunds Molkerei, a historical milk shop of the 19th century, housing a café and a cake shop today. The unusual Hygiene Museum is also well worth visiting.

    As you can see, there are many sights to see here which would require several days’ stay. This is why we recommend that you book a cozy hotel in Dresden.

    On business in Dresden

    If you need a business hotel to stay during your business trip to Dresden or for organizing an event in Dresden, we recommend you to consider AZIMUT Hotel Dresden. It offers a high-quality open buffet breakfast, free Wi-Fi, and a convenient work station in your room for the energetic business people. You may use three conference halls outfitted with modern equipment in which you can conduct a seminar, a presentation or a corporate event. If you wish, you can relax at the sauna after your strenuous business day.

    The Elbe and Dresden’s suburbs

    If you decide to stay on in Dresden for the weekend, we suggest that you visit its suburbs: make a trip through the valley of the Elbe, take a river trip on an old steam boat and tour such country retreats of the Saxon kings as Moritzburg Castle and the luxury Pillnitz Palace enjoying the natural beauty of the Saxon Switzerland. You can reach Dresden from Berlin in a 2-hour ride by train or by car. A direct train connects Dresden Main Railway Station with Prague, and its travel time is also 2 hours.

    Choose your hotel with breakfast in Dresden having most favorable rate, and you will like your stay in this city. AZIMUT company is happy to offer favorable rates for hotel accommodation and Special Offers both to business travelers and to tourists.

    We take care of your comfort all around Germany and Austria. Our projects include hotels in Berlin, Cologne, Munich, Erding spa center and the picturesque Nuremberg.